Live Chess Book Nikhil Joshi


One complete lesson “Introduction to Chess” is available free of charge inside Live Chess Book software. There are 62 examples in this lesson, which explain about Chess Board, Movement of pieces, Rules Of castling, Check and Check mate, Chess Notation etc.

Lets’ see what the coaches do at beginner level in classes. They will teach students about positions of one or two moves, for example, mate in two moves, gain a piece in two moves etc.

Then coach will explain 8 to 10 moves positions, such as mate with queen and king, pawn promotion, different tactics like pin, fork, skewer etc.

Live Chess Book can explain all such positions to the viewers, just as the coach do inside the class room.

Then coach gives different puzzles to students, to judge the understanding of students. By solving puzzles, the student gets used to different types of attacks and mating patterns. In our lessons, we are providing puzzles to students, and user can solve them one by one, just as students solve puzzles in class.

The software Live Chess Book is available free of cost on website www.kidschessacademy.org.
No, Live Chess Book is made to teach chess. For playing chess, one may use Chess wizard software, which is available on website in download software.
User can solve the puzzles and examples in lessons, using exam mode. Exam mode will help you in testing your knowledge, that you have gained through learning lessons.

Step 1: Register on www.kidschessacademy.org

Step 2: Download the software Live Chess Book

Step 3: Select the lessons you want to learn, place order for lessons in Lessons section of kidschessacademy.org, and make payment.

Step 4: You will receive Email of lessons you have purchased.

Step 5: Download the lessons Zip file from Email, unzip it, put it in folder Live Chess Book in your Pc, and start learning lessons.

(For more details, please see user manual. We have explained in detail, with help of pictures.)
No. Lessons are provided for one computer or laptop, and user is permitted to use them only on that particular Pc or laptop. The lessons will not open on any other Pc.