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Hello Chess Lover, , This is Chirag Satkar. I wish to share my story with you today. During my 3rd std., I continuously scored very low grades in my examination, was unable to concentrate in studies and failed in simple tests. My Parents, class teacher and principle were worried about my academic career, so my parents introduced me to chess. They had read in some article that chess helps in improving concentration.

Their judgement was right. After learning chess, my grades improved considerably, even though I used to spend most of my time playing chess. So, I was scoring good marks in school without tuition class. Even in 10th std., I scored 69% in prelims, but studied hard with full concentration, which I gained by playing chess, and got 87% in final exam.

Fortuntely, I got good chess class. Nikhil Sir was very young at that time, but was very good teacher. I remember, we used to have 3 to 4 classes in a week, and special sessions during important tournaments, at a fees of just Rs. 300/- per month. I got initial rating of 1724, only due to efforts of Nikhil Sir, and his training system, when I was in 7th std., and that is where my Chess Career began.

As my Chess Level improved, I started to look for guidance of higher level coaches. But found their fees to be very high for my level, and my parents could not afford such high fees. But I wanted to improve my level in chess, so my parents took a pinch, and paid my fees.